A photo-and-questionnaire adventure
in a series celebrating strong women I know.
February 2018


Sallie / Joy


What do you wish people knew about you? 


I wish people knew that I'm stronger and smarter than I appear to be and shouldn't be taken for granted.

What have you noticed is different about yourself?

I'd say it's pretty odd that I could listen to Christmas carols all year round. I'm also bi-racial which makes me different, ethnically.


In what ways are you strong/ what makes you strong?

My resiliency makes me strong. I don't let anything keep me down for too long. I typically have a good cry, ok maybe a few good cries, then I pick myself up and move forward.


What's your biggest aspiration?

I'd love to travel internationally more, be a professional actress, and write a book.


What do you like about yourself?

I like my sense of humor and that I laugh at my own jokes. I like that I'm independent and optimistic. I like the artist in me.


In what ways do you want to grow personally?

I would like to be more appreciative of the little things. I want to help others more. My time management skills could use some work. I also want to be brave enough to pursue my biggest dreams.


What's your favorite mystery?

I'm not big on mysteries now but as a kid I loved Nancy Drew.


What's the worst and best thing about being female?

The worst thing about being female is what society expects from us. It's nearly impossible to be this idea of the perfect wife: a career woman who's also a fitness goddess, a nymphomaniac, Martha Stewart's apprentice, and somehow manages to also be a loving mother and the president of the PTA.

One of the best things about being female is my body. I love the curves of my body. I love the strength and endurance of my body. I love that my body has the amazing ability to change and grow, give birth to, and nurture another life, then go back to its original state like nothing ever happened. It's like a super-power that God entrusted to women. Pretty awesome.


What are you proud of?

I'm proud that I'm finally learning and embracing who I am. I'm proud that I'm doing things I always wanted to do. I'm proud to be Cairo's mom. And I'm proud to be a homeowner.