A photo-and-questionnaire adventure
in a series celebrating strong women I know.

August 2017

Micah and Brontosaurus by Sallie Keena
Micah In Dinosaurland by Sallie Keena Photography
Sallie Keena Photography Micah and Pterodactyl
Holga Photo by Sallie Keena
Micah By Sallie Keena Photography


Micah and Praying Mantis by Sallie Keena Photography
Micah and Dinos by Sallie Keena Photography

What do you wish people knew about you? 

That I'm a bad bitch. Just kidding. I have really honest intentions in the things I do and with the people 

I interact with. Also that I'm pretty scared of interacting with people I don't know. 

Sallie Keena // Micah Smalley

What have you noticed is different about yourself? 

I think a lot of people become cynical as they grow older, but I always assume the best of people, which often leads to getting hurt, but I like to think people are inherently good. I think it is kind of emotionally healthier to assume positive things rather than negative. 

In what ways are you strong / what makes you strong? 

I'm physically strong. I'm emotionally strong. I think my strong sense to care for others makes me strong. I'm strong because I want to help people. 

What's your biggest aspiration? 
I want to have my own farm! To be able to feed people that don't have easy access to healthy food.

What do you like about yourself? 
I like that I'm weird / not often afraid to be myself. I like that I'll do things like shave my head, even though women aren't really "supposed" to. 

In what ways do you want to grow personally? 

I want to grow a thicker skin - to be able to take criticism well and not take it personally / be hurt by negative or constructive comments. I want to be less socially anxious. 

What's your favorite mystery? 
Any one that Angela Lansbury is solving. Or anything that has to do with aliens. 

What's the worst and best thing about being female? 

Worst - Negative societal assumptions / perceptions / being held back for being female.

Best - Whether its societal or biological, I think women have a higher emotional intelligence, and I think that's such a wonderful and important thing, especially for relating with people. 

What are you proud of? 

I'm proud of my academic achievements, my musical abilities, the way I care about people. Every day I'm proud of the strong women in my life, especially my mother. And including Dolly Parton.

Micah Smalley recently graduated from Virginia Tech, where she studied Environmental Horticulture and minored in Civic Agriculture and Food Systems. She is now serving in a year-long program with the Johnson Service Corps (within the Episcopal Service Corps) while working with Anathoth Community Garden and Farm as a communications liaison/garden intern. - SK