About Sallie

    A passionate storyteller and communicator of both style and efficiency, Sallie Keena has worked on innumerable narrative, commercial, and industrial video projects over the past 15 years, approaching film production with valuable talents honed from a wide variety of experiences.

    From a production perspective, Sallie values clear communication, organization, and taking care of crew on set. In her many years working in production in the DC / MD / VA area, Sallie values the incredible network of crew members she's built connections with and enjoys putting together and leading talented teams. It is her continuing goal to fight for gender parity on set and create opportunities for up-and-coming female filmmakers in every department whenever and wherever possible.

    Sallie is a detail-oriented director and a trained actor who loves working with actors, and plans meticulously while allowing space for spontaneous magic to be captured. She has a talent of creating a comfortable environment for first-time on-camera interviewees, and a set a safe space for talent.

    In her narrative work, Sallie loves celebrating interesting characters and telling thoughtfully crafted stories. "Moon Eyes", her most recent self-produced directorial project, is currently in submission to festivals. She is also  developing a comedic mystery show, and is in pre-production for a proof of concept trailer to pitch this project in 2020.

    Sallie is a graduate of Virginia Commonwealth University School of Art, where she majored in Photography and Film, and secured both the Art Foundation Award of Excellence and the honor of "Best in Show" at the VCU Student Film Festival.

    When she's not writing, directing, or producing, you can find her watching old episodes of Poirot, providing wardrobe services on DC area film / commercial sets, watching Sunset Boulevard again, acting, drinking Earl Grey, and hopefully visiting Paris often.

    Sallie is a member of SAG-AFTRA, IATSE 798, IATSE 487, and The Wing.



    IG: @moonlightdetective

    BTS Photos by Dominique Marro

    Top Photo by Luba Gershenzon