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About Sallie

A detail-oriented writer, director, and producer, Sallie believes in both meticulous planning and allowing space for spontaneous magic to be captured on set. She believes “anything personal is universal”, drawing from personal experience to create stories honoring authenticity and celebrating unique characters. 


Her slow-burn short film, Moon Eyes, a semi-finalist in the Rhode Island Film Festival, garnered fans from 9 to 90 with its dreamy compositions and honest vulnerability. Her bright, stylized, sharp-talking dramedy detective web series, Beret Girls Detective Agency, was released in 2020. She is currently developing a time-travel feature based on a real-life experience she had as a tween in the mid-90s, and recently wrote and directed a Covid vaccine PSA for the CDC. 


Sallie graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University School of Art, where she studied fine arts, majoring in Photography and Film. It is her continuing goal to fight for gender parity and create opportunities for other female filmmakers on set.


When she’s not watching classic movies or indulging in Gilmore Girls fandom, Sallie is drinking Earl Grey tea, visiting Paris, and gathering inspiration for her next project.

Photos by Nathan Pillow,  Dominique Marro, Maya Elby,  and Charlie Puritano