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With 15+ years of filmmaking, creative, and photography experience from script to post, producing her own work, and supporting projects ranging from micro-budget creative to national, commercial, and major streaming, Sallie Keena brings her unique, neurospicy, queer, colorful and detail-oriented passion for storytelling with style to every project - behind or in front of the camera.


As a filmmaker, podcaster, and actor with a fine arts background, Sallie approaches creative collaborations with her love for celebrating everyday magic, resilience won from years of refining skills on film sets in wardrobe and art departments, as a producer and AD, and a desire to create more space for playing and exploring, while supporting visibility for the creative work of other filmmakers of diverse backgrounds, marginalized communities and genders


Sallie's writing and directorial work includes 2020's Moon Eyes, a 17 min low-light short study on modern dating, which was a semi-finalist at Rhode Island Film Festival, a series of short videos commissioned by the CDC encouraging women to get vaccinated for COVID, and Beret Girls Detective Agency, a proof of concept for a quirky dramedy detective series set in a small town. 


Sallie lives in Los Angeles, where, when she's not writing or directing, she sews dresses out of vintage Muppet-printed sheets, brings travel mugs of jasmine tea with her to see comedy shows, and plays with her cats, Baby and Uhura. You can see Sallie shine in short projects Moon Eyes, Ladle, and on her This Week I Watched podcast, or at Balloon Ballroom, (@balloon_ballroom) a monthly comedy variety  show she co-hosts.

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