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With 15+ years of filmmaking, creative, and photography experience from script to post, producing her own work, and supporting projects ranging from micro-budget creative to national, commercial, and major streaming, Sallie Keena brings her unique, neurospicy, queer, colorful and detail-oriented passion for storytelling with style to every project - behind or in front of the camera.

Helming Moonlight Detective with a BFA in Fine Arts and film, her love for celebrating everyday magic, and a resilience won from years of creative resourcefulness on indie film budgets, Sallie finds true joy creating standout content while supporting and fostering the visibility and creative work of other filmmakers of diverse backgrounds, marginalized communities and genders, and small businesses. Sallie embraces her own weirdness in Los Angeles, where she is probably sewing dresses out of vintage Muppet-printed sheets, taking Clown classes at UCB, and taking breaks to make jasmine tea and play with her two cats, Baby, and Uhura.

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