BTS Photos by Dominique Marro and Luba Gershenzon




Director, Writer, Producer: Beret Girls Detective Agency - Moonlight Detective, 2020

IN  PRE-PRODUCTION - co-producing trailer / pitch piece for hour episodic pilot

Director, Writer, Producer: Window Watcher - Moonlight Detective, 2020

Creative narrative short shot in quarantine.

Director, Writer, Producer: Moon Eyes - Moonlight Detective, 2019
Director, writer, producer, editor, and lead actor of 15 minute short. Hired crew with focus on creating opportunities for up and coming female filmmakers.

Director, Writer, Producer: Lincoln Lover - Moonlight Detective, 2019 

Writer and director and producer of a comedic short about a historic love affair - and the new boyfriend who comes between them. Hired crew with focus on creating opportunities for up and coming female filmmakers. 

Assistant Director: AYA - Emic Films, 2019 

AD support on female-led proof of concept short out of LA, some producing duties.

Director, Writer: The Record Shop - Astray, 2015
Writer and director of short one-shot concept film, co-directed by Joe Carabeo. Lead actor in short. Art directed and costume designed short.

Director, Writer: La Vie Est Courte - Astray, 2009 Writer, director, and lead actor of short film featuring segments in French with subtitles.


Director, Associate Producer - Early Onset Breast Cancer Online CME Video Course, 
American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, CDC, Puritano Media Group, 2020

Conducted interviews on sensitive subjects while maintaining comfortable environment for first-time on- camera speakers.

Kept to schedule while leading crew and delegating department responsibilities.
Obtained content needed in adherence with CDC guidelines, client talking points.

Hired crew with focus on creating opportunities for female crew members both locally and on location.

Sourced locations specific to subject matter, coordinated shoot logistics, created call sheets for all interview setups, auditioned and cast actors for b-roll.

Field Producer, CTIA Expo Coverage, Ellipsis Productions 

Field produced filming of Capitol Hill event, focusing on equal coverage for major telecommunications companies included.

Led DP to obtain visually pleasing frames of fast-moving on-camera subjects. 

Adhered to shotlist for clients, led and coordinated small crew, managed timelines for coverage of specific event features and VIPs.

Director, Field Producer, CTIA + SPRINT Resiliency, Ellipsis Productions 

Field produced and directed portion of video series. Directed interviews with on-camera talent and initiated follow-up questions to obtain soundbites and content needed for both clients.

Created shotlist, led and coordinated crew for both interview and outdoor shoot of technicians and equipment. Kept crew on schedule while delegating department responsibilities.

Assistant Director: Hemlibra - 21 Grams, Goodfight Media, 2019 

Kept national narrative-style pharmaceutical ad + interviews on tight schedule.

Communicated with, organized, and kept departments on task, created production reports. 

Communicated with producers and multiple clients to ensure crucial content while not going overtime.

Art Director: JetBlue Get Gifted - Pictureshow, 2018 

Directed OTF interview with talent and art directed documentary style short commercial for web.

2nd Assistant Director, Subaru Love Promise: Education Pictureshow, 2019 

Assisted AD in wrangling child actors, communicating to talent and crew, and adhering to union guidelines for meals, breaks, and out times.

Associate Producer, ACOG Puritano Media Group, 2018 

Associate Produced and directed splinter unit video for online training series for American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists.

Other Production Work

Freelance Costumes, Hair + Makeup Sallie Keena Makeup + Styling, 2004-present

IATSE 798 for Costumes, IATSE 487 for makeup. Costuming / wardrobe styling, hair, and makeup department head for film, TV, and commercial projects from 2004-present. Managing assistants, using film knowledge to create camera-ready looks and ensure continuity.

Associate Producing, Directing, Project Development Puritano Media Group, 2016-Present

Supported local production company on a range of productions, including assisting video productions, interviewing on-camera talent for video content, managing social media, website design and upkeep, still photography, and project development.


VIRGINIA COMMONWEALTH UNIVERSITY BFA Cum Laude, Photography and Film, 2005
Writing, directing, editing, working with film (Super-8 and 16) and digital filmmaking. “Best in Show” award for senior thesis film, “I Love You Sailor”.


Introduction to Improv, 2019


Principles of Realism, Character and Emotion, Voice, and Movement classes, 2015-2017


Special Skills

Award-winning photographer, SAG-AFTRA Actor, IATSE 798 for Costumes, IATSE 487 for makeup, painting, drawing, editing (Premiere), film + digital photography.